Procedure Statement

In accordance with the terms of the lease (1st Schedule Clause 8) written consent must be obtained from B.A.M. Estate Ltd before allowing a sub-tenant into occupation of a flat.

The following must be submitted to the Company Secretary with a request for consent:-
1. The names of the proposed sub-tenant/s.
2. Copies of their references, which must include full details of their employer/s.
3.A copy of the proposed Tenancy Agreement.

The Tenancy Agreement must contain a clause requiring the sub-tenant/s to comply with the restrictions contained in the Headlease of the flat and in the House Rules. both of which may be found on the Estate’s website.

In respect of a subletting for a term of 1 year or less the company makes no charge for giving consent.  For a term longer than 1 year a Licence to Sublet is required.  Failure to meet this leasehold requirement may lead to legal action against the lessee.

The company will not give consent to sub-lettings for a fixed term of less than 6 months, as short term lettings affect the quality of life of neighbouring residents.

Occupation must be by a single family unit or by no more than two unrelated persons.  Where a flat shares a common entrance and hallway with other flats, the Company will NOT give consent to sub-let where more than two adults are named on the Tenancy Agreement.  Where the company discovers that additional sub-tenants (over 18 years old) other than those specified on the Tenancy Agreement are occupying a property, this will constitute a breach of the consent and legal action may be taken against the lessee concerned.

We also require the telephone number of the flat and telephone numbers for the sub-tenant/s, for contact in case of emergency.

To avoid any delay, a copy of these requirements should be given to any Letting Agents instructed.

The company’s solicitors are:-
Messrs Manuel Swaden
340 West End Lane
NW6 1LN. 
Telephone: 020 7431 4999
Facsimile: 020 7794 9900
DX 53654 – West Hampstead
Contact: Ms Tamara Lester.