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Minutes of AGM

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The Company holds an Annual General Meeting each year.

The books containing the minutes of proceedings of any general meeting of the company are kept at the company's registered office, and are, during business hours, open to the inspection of any shareholder without charge.

Copies of the minutes of each general meeting can be viewed here:

37th AGM on 8th September 2016

36th AGM on 18th June 2015

35th AGM on 19th June 2014

34th AGM on 20th June 2013

33rd AGM on 14th June 2012

32nd AGM on 16th June 2011

31st AGM on 10th June 2010

30th AGM on 11th June 2009

29th AGM on 12th June 2008

28th AGM on 14th June 2007

27th AGM on 15th June 2006

26th AGM on 23rd June 2005

25th AGM on 24th June 2004

24th AGM on 12th June 2003

23rd AGM on 29th May 2002

22nd AGM on 7th June 2001

21st AGM on 11th May 2000

20th AGM on 29th April 1999

19th AGM on 27th November 1997

18th AGM on 21st November 1996

17th AGM on 9th November 1995

16th AGM on 10th November 1994

15th AGM on 11th November 1993

14th AGM on 19th November 1992

13th AGM on 14th November 1991

12th AGM on 8th November 1990

11th AGM on 2nd November 1989

10th AGM on 10th November 1988

9th AGM on 10th December 1987

8th AGM on 19th November 1986

7th AGM on 5th December 1985

6th AGM on 1st November 1984

5th AGM on 23rd November 1983

EGM on 8th June 1983

4th AGM on 28th October 1982

3rd AGM on 29th October 1981

2nd AGM on 9th October 1980

1st AGM on 23rd October 1979

EGM on 29th June 1978


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